BluePoint Brussels, Bd A. Reyers 80, 1030 Brussel

AI and legal issues

Timelex advocaat Hans Graux zal spreken op het seminar AI and legal issues, georganiseerd door Agoria en Sirris. Het onderwerp van deze sessie is Robot logic: how does an AI use your data, and is that a problem?.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere already, in every cloud based service that we use. But most of the really drastic innovations are still ahead of us. Is the law ready? The GDPR was – depending on who you ask – either a big step forward in protecting your personal data, or a huge barrier to European innovation. And what about non-personal data? How will new initiatives such as the Cybersecurity Act and the Regulation on the Free Flow of Non-Personal Data affect AI development and use cases? This session will provide a pragmatic overview of legislation affecting data security, both for personal and non-personal data.

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