Information technology

Information technology

Arguably ‘Belgium’s leading IT niche’ practice, Timelex’s team ‘really understands business needs'

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Our team is widely recognised for its extensive and in-depth expertise in the legal aspects of information technology (IT).

IT Contracts

Clients in a broad range of industry sectors turn to us for assisting them in drafting and negotiating various types of IT services, software, hardware and technology contracts, such as:

  • Software development, licensing and implementation contracts
  • Software reselling, distribution and agency contracts
  • IT project contracts
  • IT outsourcing contracts
  • Cloud computing contracts
  • Hardware acquisition or leasing contracts

IT Litigation

Unfortunately, many IT projects fail. Some of the main reasons are unclear requirements or objectives, unsuccessful project management, bad quality, weak ownership, lack of senior management involvement, changes in requirements or scope, discussions about in/out of scope, lack of alignment between business and IT, lack of communications, running out of time, resources or budget, etc.

Our lawyers have ample experience in assisting clients, both suppliers and customers, in dealing with their failing IT projects, such as failed ERP software implementations, failed software development projects, etc. Taking into account the client’s business needs and objectives, we determine the best legal and commercial strategy and represent them in legal proceedings. Our lawyers have a track record of obtaining successful results of IT litigation.

Internet & E-Commerce

Our team has broad experience in advising on compliance with e-commerce legislation in a B2C and B2B context, such as:

  • E-commerce terms and conditions
  • Website terms of use 
  • Website privacy and cookie policies
  • Return and refund policies
  • Online advertising
  • Online gambling

Payment services (FinTech)

We are specialists in the legal aspects of FinTech. We advise about mobile and online payment services and apps, compliance with e-banking, e-money and e-payments legislation, PSD2 scope discussions (exceptions, exemptions, legal impact of payments and data flows in ecosystem), e-authentication, e-signatures, e-archiving, etc. We also assist FinTech companies in their contacts with regulators. We further help them with their compliance with privacy and data protection (GDPR) compliance.

We regularly advise North American (USA, Canada) companies about their European market strategy and legal challenges, such as about the question of whether the GDPR applies to American market platforms, distributors, suppliers or e-commerce companies or whether they need a PSD2 licence.

Timelex is an associate partner of B-Hive, a European FinTech ecosystem based in Brussels, London, New York and Tel Aviv. Together, we organize events and facilitate matchmaking for start-ups and scale-ups. We match law and innovation in the FinTech ecosystem.

The 'pragmatic and solution-minded' team at Timelex 'know the fintech scene very well', 'a unique combination of legal and fintech knowledge makes them a trustworthy party to work with’

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Modernisation and digitisation are critical for governments to succeed in providing efficient and high-quality services to their citizens and businesses. Timelex has provided support to governments at the local, regional, national, European and even international level in ensuring that their legal frameworks are suitable for this task, and in supporting the creation of new digital services.

We have assisted in the revision and modernisation of administrative legislation, in order to enable services such as electronic communication, signing, identification, taxation and public procurement.

Furthermore, we have supported public administrations in facilitating their own compliance efforts, including by conducting data protection audits, drafting internal policies and guideline documents, and providing contractual support or even litigation services.

Finally, Timelex has supported the creation and maintenance of specific e-government projects, including the creation of invoicing platforms, signing services and communication services, by ensuring alignment with existing laws and providing the necessary contractual terms.


Integrity and authenticity are crucial concepts in electronic transactions. Integrity implies that digital information cannot be modified without detection after its creation. Authenticity implies that it can be linked reliably to its source. From a technical perspective, these concepts are built using digital signatures, VPNs, electronic identities, blockchain, and so forth. Timelex is specialised in the legal framework surrounding integrity and authenticity.

We have provided legal support to the European Commission in the creation of the eIDAS Regulation on electronic identification and trust services, including electronic signatures, seals and timestamps, and various secondary laws on this topic. In addition, we provide legal assistance to trust service providers and certification service providers, and to companies looking to benefit from electronic signing, identity management, timestamping and electronic archiving.

Because of our direct involvement in the genesis of these laws, Timelex is one of very few law firms that can boast in-depth expertise in this complex legal domain

Computer & cyber crime

With digital and networked environments now being key catalysts for economic and social value creation, criminal organizations as well as rogue nation states have moved their activities to the internet. Moreover, given the relatively high returns on investment and the assurance of almost complete anonymity, cybercriminals have professionalized considerably making it increasingly difficult for companies, governments and law enforcement to keep up. Lawmakers at international, European and national level have been trying to catch up. New cybersecurity laws have been introduced, aimed at key sectors in society, while the competences for law enforcement to investigate and operate in cyberspace have been expanded considerably.

Timelex has years of experience in the area of cybersecurity and cybercrime. We were closely connected with the Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (B-CCENTRE). We have assisted governments with the creation of cybersecurity policies and legislation. We support clients with advice and in-house training on data breach management procedures, incident notifications and the legal aspects of information security governance. We also represent financial institutions, multinationals and SMEs in large and small cybercrime cases.

Niche technology firm Timelex is ‘state of the art in the field of IT’

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