About us

About us

A niche firm that has succeeded
in obtaining a strong presence
in the market

Legal 500

Our services

Timelex is a leading niche law firm specialised in the legal aspects of information technology (IT), privacy & data protection (GDPR), intellectual property, and media & electronic communications. Every day we strive to match law and innovation.

While we focus on the areas in which we excel, we also advise clients on various issues of general commercial and business law, such as about distribution and franchising networks, commercial agency, unfair competition and market practices, consumer protection, product safety and product liability, general sales and purchase terms and conditions, etc.

Some clients rely on us as their single point of contact for all their legal questions. And if we cannot help them ourselves, we refer them to the right lawyer for their question.

Our private-sector clients are multinationals, large companies, SMEs and start-ups, and our public-sector clients include European, federal, regional, local and foreign governments and governmental bodies. We assist them with contracts, advice, court litigation, and legislative and policy-making support.

Our service commitments

Top quality and client satisfaction

As specialists in our niche areas, we work very hard to provide you with top-quality legal work. Many of our lawyers and legal consultants earned their stripes in international law firms or have broad experience as in-house legal counsel in multinationals and large companies and organisations.

Our clients hire us as their law firm and other law firms hire us as their sub-contractor because of our in-depth expertise in our niche areas. To that end, we heavily invest in training and knowledge development of our lawyers and legal consultants, not only about the law but also about the industries and markets of our clients.

We also want to keep our clients abreast of legal developments by:

  • Blogposts and newsflashes 
  • Seminars, round table discussions and workshops
  • In-house legal training at in our clients’ offices, tailored to their specific business and needs.

Combining pragmatic solutions with academic excellence

True insight means that a lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the areas of law in which he specialises and that he is on top of new developments. We therefore encourage our team members to accept teaching and research positions at academic and other education institutions, to publish frequently and to teach courses. For instance, many of our lawyers and legal consultants have been researchers or obtained a PhD in Law at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT (ICRI), currently called the Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) of the Law Faculty of the University of Leuven. This renowned academic centre was founded in 1990 by Timelex partner Prof. Dr. Jos Dumortier, who has been a pioneer in IT and data protection law in Europe and Belgium since the ‘80s.

Flexibility to meet your needs

We offer a personalised service in view of what clients are looking for, such as a short legal sanity check or sparring via the phone, a short confirmation by e-mail, a full-blown detailed legal memo, a second opinion, etc. If you have a legal dispute, we provide you our first assessment of the strength of the case and discuss with you the strategy that we propose. Sometimes it is recommended to negotiate an amicable settlement or try to do so via mediation, and sometimes there is no option other than court litigation or arbitration.


We are able to service our clients in English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese, with native speakers on board. Many of our lawyers and legal consultants have studied at foreign universities or have worked in foreign or international law firms, companies and governmental institutions.

Internationally networked

We are an independent law firm operating from the capital of the European Union, but we work with an extensive network of leading law firms across the globe with similar profiles as ours. This allows us to provide clients a seamless service in cross-border matters.

Our market recognition

Founded in 2007, Timelex has grown to a leading law firm with a strong market recognition. This is illustrated by the fact that we are consistently ranked as a top-tier and leading law firm in international law firm rankings such as Legal 500 and Chambers based on feedback from clients and other national and foreign lawyers. On our website you find various comments about us from Legal 500 and Chambers.

‘The team is impressive when it comes to efficiency and a result-oriented approach. They also ensure extremely high value for money

Legal 500