Drafting and Analyzing ICT Contracts

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, Lynn Pype and Liesa Boghaert will be presenting a webinar on Drafting and Analyzing ICT Contracts organized by Legal News!

What can you expect? A deep-dive into the most important aspects of IT contracts, including tips on new legislation to be taken into account, data protection concerns, continuity of services and IT litigation.

Past events


Afternoon webinar: Developments in crypto-assets and beyond

The market in crypto-assets continues to develop at a rapid pace. From the now more ‘classic’ examples such as Bitcoin, the market has expanded to non-fungible tokens of ownership (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), smart contracts, etc. And that does not even begin to mention all developments going on around the blockchain technology and in the wider Web3 ecosphere. Legislators worldwide are now trying to get a grip on these developments in order to address some of the concerns posed by this rising market.


Frameworks of Global Privacy and Data Protection Law

On 15 February 2024, Timelex partner Geert Somers will present a webinar on Frameworks of Global Privacy and Data Protection Law at the Osgoode Hall Law School as a part of the Osgoode Certificate in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law.


Deep-dive into artificial intelligence and data ecosystems: ownership, data use and legal insights

Get ready for an exciting start in 2024 as the data.europa academy gears up for its first panel discussion with prof. dr. Eleonora Rosati and Liesa Boghaert, moderated by Hans Graux


OTTERS workshop: legal issues regarding citizen generated data for the water domain

OTTERS workshop

REGACE partner Ezgi Ercan, LL.M. from Timelex will speak on data protection and management in water-based citizen science, at the OTTERS Project workshop.

This workshop focuses on legal issues around water-based citizen science and engagement (including GDPR and citizens’ privacy). Key topics of discussion will be:


Secondary use of data for AI: global and European perspectives

Discover the exciting intersection of AI and data privacy at the PrivacyRules conference. Thought leaders, industry experts and innovators will gather to explore the evolving landscape of data use in the world of artificial intelligence.

Participate in interactive sessions, pose your burning questions to the experts, and gain practical insights that can shape your approach to different key topics, such as:

Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, Brussels
16h00 - 18h30

Jaaroverzicht 2022-2023

After the success of the previous editions, M&D Seminars brings again this year the Annual Review, a study day consisting of 4 different sessions.

One of these sessions will be given by Bernd Fiten and will cover the launch of ChatGPT and the relevant legal aspects of generative AI, with ChatGPT in particular. What about copyrights and the processing of personal data for example? Are there any other relevant legal aspects? What are points of interest for lawyers or attorneys?

Xavier, Destelbergen
15:30- 17:30

Keeping your health data secure with Imprivata, Microsoft, and Timelex

What is the impact of NIS-2 & eIDAS on Belgium hospitals?

European developments are influencing Belgium's local requirements, for example, NIS-2 and eIDAS so we are inviting you to Join Timelex a law firm who are (experts in technology law,) Imprivata and Microsoft to look at best practices in keeping your data secure and how  NIS-2 and eIDAS are having an impact on Belgium hospitals.


CPDP conference: How to prepare a Europrivacy audit and the actual certificate

Join us at the 2023 edition of the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) conference in Brussels!

CPDP is a world-leading multidisciplinary conference that offers sessions on the latest legal, regulatory, academic, and technological developments in privacy and data protection.

This year Timelex is organizing a workshop to explain in more detail how you can obtain Europrivacy certification, the first official European Data Protection Seal, approved by the European Data Protection Board.

M-Village, Rue des Palais 44, Brussels

Europe's Green Digital Transformation

How can lawyers contribute to make Europe Green and Digital?

About ESG, Digital, ChatGPT, AI: opportunities or threats for the legal profession?

Green and digital transition are among the key priorities of the European Commission’s political agenda.

Digital technologies are an asset to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal.  However, they also pose a problem given the intense energy consumption that the applications also require. It is therefore important to reconcile both digital and sustainable transition.

Place Stephanie 20, 1050 Bruxelles

Webinar Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts: EU and US Approaches to Regulation

In this webinar, hosted by the America Europe Chair on Technology, Innovation and International Regulation, Dr. Niels Vandezande and Mr. John T. Bender discuss EU and US approaches to regulating blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. The webinar will be moderated by Ms. Joana Gomes Beirão.

For more information and to register for the webinar, please see