Past events


go.elDAS - Summit 2021

During this session, Hans will discuss the anticipated Implementing Act of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation, which will provide some further clarity on the expected operating details for the once-only principle in Europe. The session will summarise the general principles and philosophy behind the Act, and its approach to cross border identification and identity matching.

Virtual Poland: Privacy World Wrap-up

In this webinar, Magdalena Kogut - Czarkowska will present the most interesting enforcement actions in the EU, decisions and guidelines of the Polish data protection authority during the Virtual Poland KnowledgeNet Webinar. 

This presentation will be held in Polish. For registration and more information, please follow this link.


Webinar: Managing Schrems II and Data Sovereignty


On Thursday 27 May the webinar: 'Managing Schrems II and Data Sovereignty - Protecting data cross borders' will be held. The speakers will examine how current rules and regulations will impact organisations using the benefits of modern cloud environments.

What is the essence of the regulation and what does this mean from legal and compliance aspects? And how do cross-border data sovereignty laws like Schems II impact the modern cloud/IT environments? During the webinar, they will share practical solutions that can be implemented to ensure GDPR and Schrems II compliance.


3 years GDPR: update

It is now about three years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect.

As in previous years, it is time to make a preliminary analysis of the most notable enforcement actions by supervisory authorities in the past year, and to predict what organisations can expect in 2021 when it comes to data protection and GDPR.

This webinar will be given by Geert Somers and Bernd Fiten and will take place in Dutch.


Webinar: extracting data from mobile phones

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, Timelex is participating in a webinar hosted by Privacyrules about extracting data from mobile phones and the Cloud in the area of law enforcement, organized in the context of the FORMOBILE project.

Timelex lawyer Pieter Gryffroy, together with project partner LIF’s Denitsa Kozhuharova, will be moderating the discussion with a panel of experts from industry, law enforcement and the judiciary.


VI Polish Congress of Personal Data Protection Law

On 23 April 2021, Magdalena Kogut – Czarkowska will speak at an online conference „VI Polski Kongres Prawa Ochrony Danych Osobowych” (VI Polish Congress of Personal Data Protection Law) on recent the developments on the rules of international transfers of personal data.


Crypto assets and blockchain from a legal perspective

On 20 April 2021, Niels Vandezande will provide a training on crypto assets and blockchain for ‘Vlaams Pleitgenootschap’ at the Bar of Brussels.

The seminar will focus on the application of existing legal frameworks and future law. In addition, this seminar will explain the blockchain technology and its possible applications within various sectors.


Seminar: legal aspects of smart contracts and blockchain

On 30 March 2021, Niels Vandezande will speak for M&D Seminars on the legal impact of blockchain technology on various processes within government, the legal profession, businesses and the economy in the broad sense.

More information and registration can be found via this link.

This seminar will be held in Dutch.


Q&A session on EU GDPR for Taiwan companies

When should Taiwan companies comply with the EU GDPR? 


Webinar: the Schrems II decision: status and consequences

In July 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) delivered its judgment in the Schrems II case, thereby making transfers of personal data on the basis of the Privacy Shield Decision illegal. Furthermore, the Court stipulated stricter requirements for the transfer of personal data based on standard contract clauses (SCCs).