FinTech Lawyers Network officially launched at Money20/20 Europe

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On Wednesday, June 28 at Money20/20 Europe, the four founding members Edwin Jacobs from time.lex, Benjamin May from Aramis, Frank Müller from Aderhold and Arno Voerman from Van Doorne officially launched their pan-European network of lawyers: the FinTech Lawyers Network (FLN).

Dedicated to the FinTech industry, the FLN members co-operate on a high-level irrespective of law firm affiliation.

Customer centric and focused on user experience, FinTechs have to keep track of the market and, at the same time, stay innovative and agile to meet the market’s development needs.

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Legal pitfalls

Even though the European financial sector is increasingly regulated, there are still slight differences on a national level. International FinTech companies planning to enter the European market are often unaware of these legal pitfalls.

To succeed on a transnational level, they have to comply not only with differing AML regimes, for instance with regard to KYC and KYB but also with the (inter)national legal particularities around PSD2, EMD2, PAD and other regulations like the GDPR. Only a closely coordinated interaction with highly specialised lawyers can deliver a solution to this challenge.

This has also been the experience of Edwin Jacobs from time.lex, Benjamin May from Aramis, Frank Müller from Aderhold and Arno Voerman from Van Doorne, who have been working with the same clients at the same time, no matter whether this is an established or start-up business.

FinTech Lawyers Network

As a result of this experience, the four lawyers decided to found a network of lawyers that includes only the very best experts in a country: ambitious, highly qualified, best-connected inter alia to regulatory authorities – and absolutely passionate about FinTech and Payment Law: The FinTech Lawyers Network (FLN).

At Money20/20 Europe, Benjamin May and Frank Müller have announced their network of lawyers. The two founding members of the FinTech Lawyers Network gave first-hand information about international struggles and challenges in their client’s daily agile businesses – and the Network’s solution.