A universe of media assets and co-creation opportunities at your fingertips

A decentralized network for intelligent, automated, and accessible digital asset management systems, where traditional stakeholders and other media owners can share, enrich, verify, and monetize multimedia content.

The traditional media landscape has rapidly evolved: newspapers, radio and TV are now part of a landscape that includes blogs, vlogs and social media platforms. With audiences seeking more user-driven and accessible multimedia experiences, the boundaries between professional media, prosumers and small creators are blurring.

The EU-funded MediaVerse project is working towards the creation, enrichment and distribution of next-generation media, by providing users with advanced authoring tools, a blockchain-enabled rights management solution, identification services driven by artificial intelligence and smart contracts that automate cross-network rights negotiation and content monetisation. The aim is for users to retain control over the content they create and share. The project will be validated through large scale pilots in the field of citizen journalism and co-creation of immersive and inclusive media, foreseeing also a STARTS-inspired use case that involves artistic experiments and practices, pushing forward creativity for a critical approach to user-centric media.

Our role

Timelex will act as a lawyer to the consortium in this Action. It will deal with all legal aspects, including, but not limited to, data protection and IPR (copyright) challenges.


Project details

More information about the MediaVerse project can be found on the project website: and the project page on the CORDIS website:

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