With this new opinion, the EBA wants to clarify a few things in order to enable customers to use the new and innovative payment services offered by TPPs.

EBA recommendations on cloud computing | time.lex

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has drafted recommendations aiming to provide guidelines for institutions on cloud computing. They are addressed to, in specific, credit institutions, investment firms and public authorities.

European Commission | time.lex

time.lex has just completed a study for the European Commission, examining legal prerequisites for cloud computing SLAs across the EU. This study has now been published, and includes a cloud computing SLA template, including explanatory comments.

Internet Payments' Security | time.lex

In mid December 2014, the European Banking Authority published its final guidelines on the security of internet payments. They set out the minimum security requirements that Payment Services Providers in the EU will be expected to implement by 1 August 2015.

EMEA Top Tier Firms 2017 | time.lex

The Web’s enormous potential for procuring, selling and marketing products and services is clear; e-commerce in the EU has developed into big business in a relatively short-space of time, with companies able to offer their products and services with greater ease than before.

The lawyer's deed in Belgian law | time.lex

Belgian contract law is in principle relatively flexible, and allows private parties to conclude contracts using whatever means they deem appropriate (notwithstanding a series of formal restrictions for certain formal types of contracts).

Belgian legislation on e-invoice & e-archiving | time.lex

The federal Belgian council of minsters recently approved a draft proposal that will be submitted to the Parliament in September. It aims at further simplifying electronic invoicing and archiving for paper and electronic invoices.

Bitcoin | time.lex

Edwin Jacobs takes a look at the legal challenges surrounding Bitcoin.