Intellectual property


The launch of ChatGPT has led to many legal concerns. What is the legal status of GPT's answers and what role does copyright play in generating data and answers? You can read more about it in this blog.

Recital 72 versus Employment agreements

This blog aims to shine a light on some of the more underexposed provisions of the DSMD, specifically in their application to employment agreements. These are the provisions of Chapter 3 of the DSMD relating to Fair remuneration in exploitation contracts of authors and performers.

trade marks

The slogan ‘Just do it’, Lacoste’s crocodile, the yellow colour of Zwitsal and the shape of Toblerone chocolate: what do they have in common? You wouldn’t think so right away, but all these signs are protected trade marks. 

Reselling e-books | Timelex

The website of Tom Kabinet - an online platform for buying and selling second-hand e-books - ceased to exist when the Court of Justice ruled that the author's or rightholder's consent is required for the resale of second-hand e-books. A brief analysis.

European Court Of Justice | time.lex

On June 14th, 2017 the European Court of Justice (CJEU) confirmed that Internet Access Providers (IAPs) can be obliged to block the domain names and IP addresses of the online sharing platform The Pirate Bay (TPB).

Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) | time.lex

E-commerce service providers can contractually prevent other websites from copying factual information from their website for commercial use, such as for price comparison purposes.

3d printing technology | time.lex

While the existence and potential impact of 3D printing technology is becoming more widely-known, the technology itself continues to develop and spread at an ever-faster rate. With the prospect of this potentially-disruptive technology’s transition from niche to more mainstream usage, a numb