Retail & consumer goods

Retail & consumer goods

For decades, producers and retailers of consumer goods are facing stricter compliance issues, in particular in the field of consumer safety and environmental concerns, while  the consumer market has developed considerably to become a global, dynamic and an online market. The legislative process is largely driven by the consumer policies of the European institutions. The challenges do not subside by existing regulations, looking at the current developments of artificial intelligence, far-going robotization, self-operating products, and the continued progress of connected products that are driven by data collection and automated processing. Making use of the connections between  consumers, the phenomenon of the sharing economy, where peers become traders between them, has created a new domain where legal questions remain often unclear. The near future is fascinating.


We have significant experience in understanding and handling the legal issues that emerge by the digitalisation of retail, from the set-up of online market places and commercial retail websites, to advising multinationals in several jurisdictions and international institutions and authorities in the framework of their policies to promote  e-commerce and consumer protection.

Product compliance advice

Furthermore, we advise on product compliance in different  sectors and the risks of product liability. We have effectively organized product recall projects. We advise regularly on aspects pf consumer sales, commercial guarantees, and are involved in legislative developments in this field. The assessment of misleading or aggressive market practices that may cause detriment to consumers is another important domain of our firm, and we are involved in several European and national assessment studies, examining the market conditions for consumers in an online and offline environment.