Human resources (HR)

Human resources

Human resources remain among of the most important assets of every organisation. The corporate value of human resources is underscored by the acceleration in digital innovation in the HR services sector. In parallel with, and often as a result of, the increase in digital innovation we have been seeing an explosion of rules and regulations which directly or indirectly impact the roll-out and use of these digital innovations.

Timelex’s specialists can help you navigate through this legal jungle and identify opportunities where there may seem to be only challenges. This allows you to reap the full benefits of digital innovation in HR services, whether as an HR service provider or customer.

Our clients in human resources

As a law firm which aims to match law and innovation, we endeavour to provide pragmatic, workable and commercially viable solutions for your legal questions and problems.

Our clients include:

  • Multinationals with big HR departments
  • Governmental institutions active in the social security, employment and pensions domain
  • Recruitment and selection service providers
  • HR consultancy service providers
  • Contingent workforce service providers
  • HR technology service providers
  • Etc.

Our services in human resources

We assist our clients with a range of services in all areas where innovative HR services are introduced:

  • Specialised HR-related advice about privacy and data protection, such as on GDPR compliance, employee monitoring and tracking, monitoring of and access to mailbox and internet history, whistleblowing, etc.
  • Advising on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, etc.) of the company and its employees and self-employed contractors, such as drafting IP contracts or clauses, and IP litigation
  • Advising on the protection and enforcement of trade secrets (knowhow) vis-à-vis (former) employees and self-employed contractors
  • Supporting policy and law making at national level
  • Contractual work taking into account sector best practices and specificities
  • Solving disputes through mediation and litigation.