Timelex launches Rightso: a free tool facilitating GDPR requests

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Timelex launches Rightso, a free online tool to easily generate GDPR requests and responses. What makes Rightso truly unique compared to other legal automation tools? It is based on template letters for exercising GDPR rights approved by the Belgian data protection authority and, most importantly, both individuals and organisations can use it!

How does Rightso work?

With Rightso, individuals can generate a letter with their GDPR request in just a few clicks. Rightso guides the user (whether an individual or an organisation) through simple questionnaires, allowing even users with little knowledge on data protection to generate a GDPR request or response. Once the GDPR request is generated and sent to the organisation, it can quickly import the data from the request and generate a response without getting bogged down in wording.

Rightso’s questionnaires are based on templates published by the Belgian data protection authority and have only been slightly modified to stay true to the original. By simplifying the drafting process, Timelex eases the hassle that many organisations face in dealing with GDPR requests.

Rightso showcases how Timelex is committed to creating legal automation solutions that keep pace with our clients’ evolving needs. If you are looking for a law firm that can help you improve and automate your existing contracts or models, then we can help! Please contact us for more information.  

Want to know more or want to start generating?

Visit www.rightso.eu (powered by www.clausebase.com) or watch the video.


(If you are wondering if Rightso is GDPR-compliant, please have look at Rightso’s FAQ and privacy policy.)