How can we help improve your cybersecurity?

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Help! I've been hackedYour service provider goes down. What now?Who do I need to notify, what are my legal obligations?How can we help improve your cybersecurity?

Do you want to protect your organisation against cybercrime, hacking and cyber risks in general? This is certainly relevant for SMEs and all organisations that have trade secrets, commercial data, customer and supplier data, location data, software as a service solutions, etc.

Together with our partners, Timelex can offer you advice on how to improve your cyber security. After all, this is not just a matter of technical IT security but requires a holistic approach in which you have to think about several things, including:

  1. IT security against hacking
  2. Legal aspects
  3. Insurance
  4. Communication

Based on a concrete step-by-step plan, your organisation can reduce cybersecurity risks and improve security:

  1. A thorough analysis of the cybersecurity maturity of your organisation
  2. Draw up an action plan that enables you to take concrete steps to improve your cybersecurity.
  3. Don't stop at a plan. There may be a need for advice and guidance, both IT technical and legal.

What are the costs? The government provides subsidies and funding for cybersecurity projects for SMEs. Contact us for an introductory meeting.


This article is part 4 of our cybersecurity series:

  1. Help! I’ve been hacked.
  2. Your service provider goes down. What now?
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