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EU Court of Justice clarifies the fine line between payment services and e-money, safeguarding PSPs from abrupt license revocations and providing a beacon of legal certainty for the future of financial transactions in Europe.

New AML rules

The EU has provisionally agreed on the new AML package, moving core rules to regulation to harmonize AML regulations across Member States; notable changes involve including all crypto-asset service providers (CASPs) under EU AML law, guided by MiCAR rules, and the European Banking Authority exten


The European Commission has shared its evaluation findings on PSD2, suggesting an imminent revision.


The European Commission has released findings on the evaluation of PSD2, indicating an upcoming revision. On June 28, 2023, formal proposals for the revisions were presented, including a new Directive called PSD3 and a Payment Services Regulation (PSR).


The European Commission has revealed its findings on PSD2 evaluation, signaling an upcoming revision of the framework.