Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Synthetic data

The blog explores synthetic data, artificial data mimicking real characteristics, and its applications in AI, cybersecurity, meteorology, and health research. It discusses legal challenges, especially GDPR implications, and ongoing EU regulatory developments.

AI liability

The blog discusses the implications of the European Union's new Product Liability Directive, which broadens the scope of liability to include all AI systems and introduces changes to accommodate the evolving nature of AI, such as continuous learning capabilities.

Legal aspects artificial intelligence

This is a summary of Bernd Fiten's (Senior Associate at Timelex) presentation on the legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Incuebrux on 24 May 2023.

AI-based legal tech solutions: discover the legal pitfalls

The utilization of AI-based legal tech solutions has its benefits, yet also comes with certain difficulties. This blog consolidates considerations related to personal data, confidentiality, and context.

Generatieve AI

A lot of legal uncertainty is still involved in relation to AI input and output and – in particular – their compliance with copyright law. This article focuses on two class-action lawsuits in the US.

Explaining AI

In this blogpost, we will zoom into the technical challenges and provide an overview of legalities that come into play when trying to explain AI.

The AI Act

The European Commission published the much awaited draft of the regulation laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence (AI Act).