European Health Data Spaces

Discover the latest breakthroughs in European health data legislation, shaping the future of electronic health information access and utilization within the EU, with insights on mandatory labelling for wellness apps, the right to opt-out from secondary data use, clearer definitions of data holder

European Health Data Space

The European Health Data Space (“EHDS”) proposal aims to overhaul the existing laws on health data in the EU. With the draft being published, it became apparent that some clashes could not be avoided.


Timelex had the honour of assisting the EC in preparing a study supporting the impact assessment of policy options for an EU initiative on an EHDS. Read more.

corona app

The first peak of infections with the coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to be over for the time being. Many organisations are working towards a return to 'normal' life, but how can this be done safely? Can a corona app help with this? Can a corona app avoid a second peak?

European Commission - eHealth | time.lex

Study on eHealth issues for the European Commission results in national reports on the legal framework for Interoperable eHealth.