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Cloud Computing and EU Financial Services | time.lex

For some time now the EU’s financial services sector has sought clarification upon when and to what extent it may use public cloud computing.  Recent developments in the Netherlands and the UK may shed a little light on the issue.

WP29 Apps on Smart Devices | time.lex

The publication of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party’s opinion “Apps on Smart Devices” has provided clarification on the legal framework relating to the processing of personal data on different smart, especially mobile, devices. The opinion is a must-read comprehensive guide for a

BOYD smartphone | time.lex

“Bring your own device” or “BYOD”, meaning that employees use their own laptop or smartphone and software for professional purposes, is an increasing trend. A lot of companies simply tolerate it or even ignore it and believe that it doesn’t concern them. This raises legal concerns.

ECJ judgement Rijkeboer case | time.lex

How long do access logs need to be archived in Europe?