Medical products & healthcare

Medical products & healthcare

If one has to point at one sector as truly pioneering in new and complex technologies, techniques and services, it must be sector of life sciences, medical products and healthcare. Life changing (if not lifesaving) innovations are announced at an astonishing pace. Many of these innovations thrive on extensive use of the available data, generated by connected sensors, devices and applications.

Yet, the use of sensors, devices and data in the medical and healthcare sector is heavily regulated. Considering the societal and individual impact of the products and services as well as the information and data processed, regulators’ rigour in this area can easily be understood. However, solid legal protection should not stifle innovation, it should encourage and foster it. Indeed, who knows how many lives the next innovation will save?

Our medical products and healthcare clients

As a law firm specialized in law and technology, Timelex has built extensive expertise over the years in many crucial areas for the healthcare sector, including R&D, digital services, IP and data protection. We work at virtually every level of the industry.

Our clients include:

  • National and international policy makers;
  • Manufacturers of medical products, operating both at global and local levels;
  • Healthcare providers;
  • Research institutes and universities;
  • Software developers;
  • Insurance companies;

Our medical products and healthcare services

We assist our clients with a range of services in all areas where law and health technology touch:

  • Identifying areas for policy improvements and advising on new regulatory interventions;
  • Setting up appropriate intellectual property protection for innovations;
  • Drafting contracts with suppliers and customers for new products and services;
  • Setting up complete data protection frameworks, including practices, policies, procedures, notices, agreements and trainings;
  • Solving disputes through mediation and litigation.