Media & entertainment

Media & entertainment

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It goes without saying that the media landscape is quite diverse and evolves rapidly. Each type of entertainment knows its legal characteristics and requires a specialised approach. We guide creative individuals, media houses, broadcasting companies, online content providers or any other organisation active in the Media & Entertainment industry. Whether you have questions concerning the legal aspects of film and television, music, publishing, digital media and marketing, we can help you find the right answers.

We can assist you numerous media and entertainment law issues, including:

  • advising on broadcasting regulations both for linear and non-linear television services. Whether you have regulatory questions on content, advertising campaigns, or the use of the broadcasting infrastructure, we can offer guidance and help you analyse your legal position.
  • negotiating film, television or publishing contracts. Depending on the type of content you create, from audio-visual work to the written word, we can help you help you negotiate your contracts with various stakeholders so to best exploit your work.
  • advising intellectual property aspects of media issues. We can help you develop a strategy on how to protect and exploit your intellectual property rights.
  • determining the liability of internet (content) providers.
  • any legal procedures you might face.