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The ‘very available' team garners praise for its ‘expert knowledge and experience in the field of IT’

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There is no question that the Internet has revolutionised the global economy. Many of the services that underpin our life today didn’t even exist a decade ago, and there’s no telling what the next big technology will be.

However, one factor has remained constant: every disruptive new technology brings new legal challenges and it can be particularly difficult to know which laws – if any – will apply to a new service, and what the consequences, risks and opportunities will be.

Our IT & Internet clients 

Timelex is a niche firm specialised in information technology and the Internet, including online services. While even we can’t read the future, we do have significant expertise in how existing legal frameworks are applied and evolve to match new services.

Our clients in the information technology & Internet industry include:

  • Providers and users of cloud services
  • Online communications providers
  • Social media providers
  • Gaming companies
  • e-money & e-payments service providers
  • Big data analytics companies
  • Trust service providers (TSP)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 
  • Companies whose services are based on blockchain technology
  • A myriad of other clients whose services form the backbone of today's and tomorrow's online society

Our IT & Internet services 

We assist clients in different phases with different legal services, including:

  • Assistance in the start-up phase of new challenges
  • Contractual support when engaging new customers and service providers
  • Due diligences prior to acquiring or establishing a collaboration with a new partner
  • Legal assistance in determining viable exploitation strategies
  • Litigation if things go wrong