Government & NGO


Digital transformation is a key condition for efficient and effective government today. It requires removing existing legal barriers, simplifying administrative procedures and improving the quality of interactions with citizens and businesses. Personalised, user-friendly and end-to-end digital services are also a must in the non-profit sector. Timelex is the perfect partner to support governments and non-profit organisations, providing specialised legal guidance in the introduction of innovative approaches to design and deliver better services in line with modern needs and demands.

Our clients in the public/non-profit sector

Since more than 25 years Timelex lawyers have assisted federal, regional and local governments in Belgium and abroad to overcome legal obstacles to the introduction of digital tools in administrative procedures. Among our clients are also national and international non-profit organisations, seeking solution-oriented legal assistance for membership management, fundraising campaigns, personalised marketing, etc; in line with European and national privacy and data protection law.

More specifically our clients in the government and non-profit sector include:

  • International associations
  • European institutions
  • Federal Government Services
  • Regional governments
  • Local administrations
  • Foreign governments
  • Churches and other religious organisations
  • Charity organisations
  • National and international NGOs
  • Social and health care institutions
  • Schools, universities and other educational organisations
  • Etc.

Our services

We assist our clients in all types of ICT-related projects and initiatives which generate legal issues concerning e.g.:

  • Privacy and personal data protection, in particular GDPR
  • Electronic documents, electronic signatures, digital archiving
  • Digital evidence, including blockchain projects
  • Internet and social media presence
  • Electronic transactions
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Cloud services

Our assets

Besides our Brussels-based team of specialised ICT lawyers we can rely on a flexible network of national correspondents in almost every country of the world. Over the last 20 years this network has been frequently deployed to assist the European Commission and several multinational business organisations to obtain, on various legal topics, in a short timeframe a practical and pertinent update on the legal status in every European country.