Gaming & leisure

Gaming & gambling

The online leisure and social gaming are amongst the fastest growing sectors. The regulatory landscape governing these services tends to be volatile and complex. Facing these challenges requires a deeper understanding of the legal risks, the various stakeholders involved and their respective business needs.

Our Gaming and Leisure Clients

Our clients in the gaming and leisure sector are private companies, such as:

  • Producers of computer and video games
  • Fintech service providers and financial institutions
  • Internet platforms
  • Fantasy sports service providers
  • Gaming equipment manufacturers
  • Online gambling operators
  • Startup ventures
  • Software developers

We understand that expertise in the public sector is equally important to advise on regulatory matters, such as license applications and authorisations and general contacts with regulators.

Our Gaming and Leisure Services

The services we offer to our clients in the gaming and leisure sector include:

  • Setting up of legally compliant (digital) contests, lotteries, prize competitions, games of chance and games of skill
  • Advising on advertising for gaming and gambling services
  • Advising on the sales of games, including questions of intellectual property, competition law and parallel import
  • Making the business model GDPR compliant
  • Setting up promotional campaigns combined with free gifts
  • Ensuring that all transparency requirements towards end users are fulfilled
  • Drafting terms and conditions for user participation in games and leisure activities
  • Assistance with (electronic) payment aspects
  • Negotiating contracts with external vendors/service providers
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Assistance with the obtaining of licenses for public concessions