RAYUELA (1/10/2020 – 30/9/2023) aims to bring together law enforcement agencies (LEAs), sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, legal experts, ethicists and philosophers, computer scientists and engineers, to develop novel methodologies that allow better understanding of the factors affecting online behaviour related to new ways of cyber criminality, as well as promoting the potential of these young talents for cybersecurity and technologies, thus addressing the main ‘pillars’ of the EU “BIK strategy”.

The project proposes to achieve these goals by playing, which represents a novel approach and a new method to investigate and mitigate cybercriminal behaviour. The main goal of this project is to provide LEAs, public administrations, the EU citizenship and, especially, young people and their environment (parents and educators) with valuable information and recommendations to define appropriate policies and measures to combat cybercrime.

To this end, RAYUELA will develop a serious game environment (e.g. interactive and interwoven storylines on cybercrime) to act as an enabler and amplifier of the project’s research methodology, which will allow modelling, in a friendly and non-invasive manner, online habits and user profiles related to cybersecurity and cyber criminality based on a large and diverse sample covering the most representative geographical areas in Europe.

The project’s research methodology together with the analysis of the massive data gathered through the serious game will provide LEAs with scientifically sound foundations to define appropriate policies and measures.

RAYUELA’s serious game will have an educational purpose whenever possible and additional educational material will be also produced as an outcome of the project, which is also aligned with the BIK strategy and is expected to have a positive impact on mitigating cybercrime.

In addition, the game will pay especial attention to drivers for new forms of cyber criminality, such as the ever-increasing number of internet-connected devices (IoT) or the dissemination of ‘cybercrime-as-a-service’ (CaaS) business models.

Our role

Timelex is in charge of all legal and ethical issues related to this project.