Digital Europe for All (DE4A)

Digital Europe for All (DE4A) was initiated in January 2020. It is a Member State driven large scale pilot project, which aims to pilot solutions to implement the Single Digital Gateway Regulation, in alignment with the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020, the Tallinn Declaration and the EIF Implementation Strategy. Its over-arching goal is to reinforce trust in public institutions and to unleash positive impacts in terms of efficiency gains and reduction of current administrative burden and costs, by implementing the once-only, relevant-only and digital by default principles.

Our role

Timelex has been involved in the genesis of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation through its involvement as the legal partner in the TOOP project, and has hands-on experience in implement the once-only principle in national legislation and in various e-government initiatives. In DE4A too, Timelex was chosen to take charge of legal compliance, including notably by ensuring that the project is executed in accordance with the EU’s high data protection standards.


Project details

More information about the Digital Europe for AII (DE4A) project can be found on the CORDIS website:

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