Better Factory (a 48-months Innovation Action starting in Q4, 2020) will provide a methodology for Manufacturing SMEs to collaborate with artists to develop new and personalized products. At the same time Better Factory will provide technology for SMEs to become fully connected cyber-physical systems, transforming them into lean-agile production facilities capable of manufacturing new and personalized products alongside existing products.

Main result of the action will be an Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling (APPS) system which can be deployed on a free and open IoT platform at 10% of the cost in 50% less time. APPS will automatically reconfigure the collaborative robots considering the individuality and gender of the worker, and will also reduce 10% assets, 25% area, 30% resources, 35% logistics, 40% machines and tools and workplaces, resulting in 13% cost reduction, 15% production increase and 30% time to market.

The IA will also result in a marketplace, a one-stop-shop, where manufacturing SMEs can buy services from technology suppliers, artists, CCs, training providers and financial brokers. The consortium uses a portfolio of 16 cross-border application experiments by 48 SMEs selected through 2 competitive open calls.

Our role

Timelex will deal with all legal issues relating to this ambitious undertaking.


Project details

More information about the Better Factory project can be found the CORDIS website:

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