Development of a European platform (Biolytica) for Big Data analytics in the health sector. Timelex mobilised its network of national legal correspondents to deliver an overview of the legal rules applicable to (re-)using patient data for research purposes in 30 European countries.

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AEGLE Action resulted in a framework for Big Data analytics designed for healthcare Through AEGLE, health becomes a strategic pillar and a new market ground for business development in the field for big data analytics for healthcare. The platform designed throughout the action offers a scalable solution for analysing big healthcare data, which includes the ability for users to pseudo-anonymize data conforming to EU regulations and the security measures, ensuring data analysis and storage on a secure cloud platform accessible only to users with the necessary access requirements.

As a Partner in the AEGLE Consortium, Timelex produced a legal assessment of the applicable rules in terms of data protection for a big data analytics framework. This document covers both situations before and after the GDPR became applicable, at European and national level. In order to produce in depth analysis of applying national legislations, Timelex activated its network of national experts in all EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway. The reports on national legislation were analysed in the light of the Directive and the GDPR in order to identify the rules applying to research based on data analysis in Europe.

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