10.00am CET (GMT+2)

Webinar: Public safety v. privacy: the covid-19 tracing apps conundrum

On Wednesday 1 July, Geert Somers will be one of the speakers in the Privacy Rules webinar Public safety v. privacy: the covid-19 tracing apps conundrum.

For more information, see the brochure (PDF).

Who should watch the webinar?

Privacy policy makers, DPA officials, competent ministry officials, data protection officers, lawyers and other advisers in the area of data protection, compliance and cyber security, think tanks, academic researchers, strategic analysts, elected representatives, cybersecurity professionals.

Key topics

  • Comparison of how the COVID- 19 tracing apps have been developed and operate in select different countries
  • Key priorities and concerns for DPAs: what they have been (and are)
  • The precarious balance between upholding the privacy of the individual vs the potential benefits to public health
  • How the tracing apps have been perceived and accepted by data subjects in those jurisdictions
  • Whether these tracing apps open the door for other forms of tracking and tracing into the future
  • Programming and developing a tracing app: the tech industry perspective

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