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On November 26-27 2019, the first-ever 5G Policymakers’ hackathon took place in Riga, Latvia, as a side-event of the 5G TECHRITORY conference.

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Cybersecurity helpdesk

Network and information systems play an essential role in many organisations nowadays. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that such systems are more than ever the target of cyber attacks by hackers and criminals from all over the world. How to prepare as an organisation and what do you need to do once a cyber attack occurs?

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Cybersecurity helpdesk

If any of your service providers, on which you rely heavily, experiences an outage, the consequences will inevitably be felt within your organisation, requiring you to act swiftly, decisively and correctly.

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Cybersecurity helpdesk

When a cybersecurity incident occurs, the notification obligations resting on a company are generally multi-fold and weighty. Often, a company will have to comply with several legal and contractual incident reporting obligations at the same time and will be obliged to notify the same incident to several authorities and/or third parties. 

Cybersecurity Hotline
Cybersecurity helpdesk

Have you had an incident? Call our Cybersecurity Hotline / Click for more info.

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Cybersecurity helpdesk

Discover how Timelex can help you to protect your organisation against cybercrime, hacking and cyber risks in general.

Cybersecurity Seminar
Cybersecurity helpdesk

Check out our free online seminar here on Belgium's Cybersecurity Act.


Privacy & data protection

On 30 October 2019, the Berlin Data Protection Authority (DPA) issued a big fine of 14.5 million EUR against Deutsche Wohnen SE. It is the biggest fine imposed by a German DPA so far.


Yes, but there will be a difference between a deal scenario and a no-deal scenario. The difference between the two scenarios will be explained below.

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