Belgian Justice Coordination Cell
Information technology

How does the Belgian data retention obligation affect foreign electronic communications network operators or providers of electronic communications services?

Online tracking

Some browsers already block third-party cookies, and Google is working on an alternative technology for showing personalized ads without using third-party cookies. What does this mean for companies in AdTech?

News & announcements

The article 'Law Enforcement Use of Drones to Enforce COVID-19 Measures' is published in the latest edition of EDPL.

Privacy & data protection

Facebook and Ray-Ban launched a first generation of smart sunglasses (smartglasses). Meanwhile, the Irish and Italian supervisory authorities have raised some concerns about this. 

Doorgifte gegevens naar VS.
Privacy & data protection

After the French Council of State in the Doctolib case, now also the Belgian Council of State confirms the possibility to transfer personal data to the United States. We will briefly explain in this post.

Jaarverslag GBA
News & announcements

This blog will provide an overview of the DPA's 2020 Annual Report and covers the main themes.

News & announcements

The Horizon 2020 RAYUELA project aims to provide a ‘fun way to fight cybercrime’ by making available a serious game to minors. In this blog, we explain the legal and ethical role of Timelex in this project.

Explaining AI
Privacy & data protection

In this blogpost, we will zoom into the technical challenges and provide an overview of legalities that come into play when trying to explain AI.

International data transfers
Privacy & data protection

In this article, we give a clear and compact overview of the recent developments in the field of international data transfers and the practical consequences thereof. 

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