Internet Payments' Security | time.lex

In mid December 2014, the European Banking Authority published its final guidelines on the security of internet payments. They set out the minimum security requirements that Payment Services Providers in the EU will be expected to implement by 1 August 2015.

Lawfirm | time.lex
News & announcements

Brussels-based TMT & IP boutique law firm time.lex has further strengthened its IP, media and unfair competition practice with the hire of Johanne Ligot.

eIDAS regulation | time.lex

The proposed EU Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market has now been adopted, with most of its provisions taking effect from 1 July 2016. The Regulation will not only repeal the existing eSignatures Directive, it will also automatically replace any inconsistent national laws in Europe. 

Big Data's legal & compliance challenges | time.lex
Privacy & data protection

In light of some of these issues, European citizens have grown more conscious about the value and the protection of their personal data. The principal question is no longer: who is the owner of my personal data, but rather: who has actual access to my data? 

EMEA Top Tier Firms 2017 | time.lex

The Web’s enormous potential for procuring, selling and marketing products and services is clear; e-commerce in the EU has developed into big business in a relatively short-space of time, with companies able to offer their products and services with greater ease than before. Amidst this apparently unstoppable trend, time.lex sets out 7 of the legal challenges currently facing e-commerce in the EU.

EU Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation | time.lex
Information technology

On 1 May 2014 the new EU Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation entered into force and new guidelines concerning the application of Article 101 TFEU to technology transfer agreements were also published. Together they represent the core competition law framework for technology licensing. 

Belgian Code of Economics Law | time.lex

Over the past year the Belgian parliament has been especially busy in the field of economic law and has created a new Code of Economic Law. On 31 May 2014 some important parts of this Code entered into force. This article briefly discusses the changes brought to Belgian consumer rights and protection legislation and to the pre-contractual information in commercial cooperation agreements legislation.

Belgian Economic Code | time.lex

In February 2014, the Belgian Parliament adopted the Draft Act as part of a legislative process consolidating all national commercial law provisions into one Belgian Economic Code. While much of the existing national legislation has simply been transposed into the Draft Act, the national legislature has taken the opportunity to make certain amendments.

Cloud Computing and EU Financial Services | time.lex
Privacy & data protection

For some time now the EU’s financial services sector has sought clarification upon when and to what extent it may use public cloud computing.  Recent developments in the Netherlands and the UK may shed a little light on the issue.

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