1. About time.lex cvba ("time.lex")

  • time.lex (www.timelex.eu) is an independent Belgian law firm, established and principally seated at the Rue Joseph Stevens 7, B-1000 Brussels. time.lex' enterprise number is 0890.217.005.
  • time.lex is a limited liability association incorporated under Belgian law.
  • Any services rendered by time.lex are subject to its terms and conditions. By entrusting an assignment to time.lex, you accept these terms and conditions, and acknowledge that they will take precedence over any other provisions, unless otherwise provided under binding law.

2. Communication policy

  • Any electronic communication, including any attached files, sent from or to time.lex is confidential and may be priviliged or subject to other restrictions. If you are not the intended recipient of an electronic message, please notify the sender of his mistake and remove the message from your system. We thank you for your cooperation.
  • The security and reliability of electronic communications cannot be ensured; time.lex cannot be held responsible in any way in this regard.
  • Any outgoing or incoming electronic communication may be checked and verified for compliance with our internal policies and to protect the business interests of time.lex.
  • Folders containing received electronic communication may be shared by the recipient with other time.lex associates.
  • Folders containing electronic communication may be archived by time.lex for internal purposes and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

3. Use of our website

  • This website (www.timelex.eu) is the property of time.lex and is protected by copyright and as a database. The reproduction of the website as a whole or in part is only permitted for personal use. The copying, storage or transmission of this website or parts thereof for any other reason is not permitted without the written permission of time.lex.
  • Any contents spread through this website are made available purely for informational purposes, and time.lex cannot be held responsible for any other use thereof. If you require specific legal assistance, please consult a suitably qualified lawyer to obtain appropriate legal advice.
  • You may link to this website in a fair and non-confusing manner, provided that you also mention a link to our home page (www.timelex.eu) when doing so, and that you link to our website for non-commercial purposes only. time.lex cannot be held liable for the contents of external websites linked through this website, or linking to this website.
  • Information on the time.lex website may be updated or modified frequently.

4. Privacy statement

  • Any personal data collected through this website will be processed by time.lex in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. Personal data will never be transferred to third parties.
  • Notwithstanding the obligations incumbent on time.lex based on legislation combatting money laundering operations and the financing of terrorism or any other legally binding provisions, time.lex will never intentionally reveal personal data allowing the deduction of your identity to any third parties, including your e-mail address, without your prior consent.
  • You have the right to be informed of any personal data regarding yourself being processed by time.lex, and to demand the correction or removal of any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data. You can exercise this right by submitting a written request to this effect to us, dated and signed, and containing a copy of both sides of your identity card.
  • We respect the confidentiality of your e-mail, and will never send unsollicited mail from the time.lex domain.

5. Cookies

  • This website uses cookies, exclusively with the view of facilitating your use of the website and to collect statistical information with regard to visits to this website. This permits us to analyse the data traffic on our domain and to improve the time.lex website. Cookies are never used for advertising purposes. Cookies used by our website are identified below.
    • Google Analytics cookies (_ga and _gat) are used respectively to identify unique visits and to impose usage limitations
    • A sessionID cookie (PHPSESSID) is used to identify whether a session is still active, and a language preference cookie (frontend_language) is used to save your language preference.

6. Registration with a Belgian bar association

7. Contact information and updates

  • If you have any questions in relation to the aforementioned legal information, please contact us via  info@timelex.eu.
  • This legal notice may be updated from time to time. We recommend to check the time.lex website regularly for any updates.

8. Applicable law and dispute resolution

  • The aforementioned legal provisions are subject to Belgian law.
  • Any dispute in relation to the time.lex website (www.timelex.eu) will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, thus excluding any other instance.

Brussels, 19 april 2016