Counting clouds: time.lex presents the DECIDE project

Written by Pieter Gryffroy on , in category News & announcements

DECIDE is a project funded under the EU’s horizon 2020 programme that will stimulate the creation and deployment through the use of its systems of applications, which are so designed that they can distribute their constituting components over heterogeneous cloud resources, sometimes provided by different cloud service providers, while still holding all the functional, business and non-functional properties declared in their respective Service Level Agreements (further: SLAs).

time.lex is providing legal assistance throughout the implementation of the project, focussing i.a. on aspects of applicable law, data protection and contractual implications of a multi-cloud structure.

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The best road to GDPR compliance: where to start?

Written by Ruben Roex on , in category Rules & regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation, which saw the light of day in spring last year, is set to apply from 25 May 2018. This means that businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes have about 16 months to prepare themselves to comply with the new set of data protection rules. However, this preparation is easier said than done.

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Court of Justice: sharing hyperlinks can constitute a copyright infringement

Written by Pieter Gryffroy on , in category Copyright & other IP

On 8 September 2016 the Court rendered judgment in case C-160/15, GS media BV v. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV. The Court decided that sharing hyperlinks providing access to protected works (in the case at hand celebrity photos that were yet to be published), made available on the Internet without the consent of the copyright holder by a third party, can by itself be a communication to the public in the sense of article 3(1) Directive 2001/29, when certain conditions are fulfilled.

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