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We'll be happy to assist you in any type of file. But time-law is our real specialty: telecommunications, IT/IP, media and e-business/e-government/entertaiment. This is the subject that we work, study and publish on every day. That way, you can be sure that we'll provide you with pragmatic and knowledgeable advice on any relevant issue. 

What exactly is time-law?

Time-law is not a separate branch of law with a clearly defined set of legal rules. Rather, it is a collection of rules and principles which are scattered throughout a number of traditional legal domains. They tend to become a part of these domains to address the challenges presented by the digital society. To put things differently: time-law surfaces sooner or later in every branch of law and affects every sector. And this is where the expertise of traditional specialists in those branches of laws ends.

Time-law includes rules related to:

  • Information and knowledge management: intellectual property rights management, protection of confidential information, data protection, etc.
  • International IT business: legal support of cross border transactions, offshoring, etc.
  • E-business: contractual support, liability management, etc.
  • IT policy: privacy audits and compliance assessment, security policies, rules around distance working and teleworking, etc.
  • IT partnerships: due diligences and audits, outsourcing, subcontracting, etc.

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Why should you choose a team of specialists?

As a boutique firm, we have the luxury of focusing mainly on our core expertise. We follow the evolution of the law closely and are frequently involved in its creation. We keep our fingers on the pulse of international policy trends and initiatives. This is the specialized know-how that you'll only find with a law firm that has such a strong focus.

You can reap the benefits of our focus on time-law. You may count on us for all your questions related to digitisation, privacy protection and new media. That also makes us a perfect sparring partner for any corporate lawyer.

Highly capable and experienced lawyers

Every time.lex team member is a highly capable allrounder with keen legal insights and an eye for the realities of your business. You'll be supported by someone who discusses your file with you from its initial inception and who keeps it well on track.

All our lawyers are well versed in the core principles of law, including international commercial law, contract law, labour law and public law. Through their extensive experience with international law firms, large enterprises or local and European institutions, all our team members are used to working in a demanding multilingual and international environment.

Specific expertise and academic support

Time.lex is an obvious choice as a partner because of our added value in information and technology law. Naturally: all of our lawyers know this subject matter through and through, and continue to hone their skills and expertise in this area.

In addition, the time.lex team has a strong academic background. Our lawyers frequently publish in professional journals and write opinion pieces and columns in several periodicals.

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